1 month ago

Digital Marketing Specialist at Brilliant Metrics

67% 40 hours / week United States (Remote)
Flexible working hours
Unlimited paid holidays

As our digital marketing specialist, you’ll be responsible for creating, executing and measuring marketing programs across various platforms and digital tools, in collaboration with the rest of the account team. Your ultimate goal is to make sure clients see period over period improvement and account teams are supported in growing client relationships.

To be successful, you will need to accomplish the following:

  • Produce performance reporting using a variety of tools including proprietary assets, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and PowerPoint.
  • Set up and launch new creative/content within assigned mediums, including marketing automation, as directed by account teams. You’ll own the creative/content process from receipt to testing and validation to reporting of results.
  • Ensure media budgets are met within agreed margins and performance improves period over period through constant monitoring of pacing and performing immediate adjustments, as needed, to maintain performance.
  • Produce and deliver insights, experiments and optimization suggestions that lead to client growth and retention.
  • Ensure clients’ KPIs are measurable and the account team and client consistently have data to make decisions on an ongoing basis by translating client and account team strategy into a structure of ad platforms, analytics and proprietary tools.


To work with us at all, you need:

  • To embody all of our core values.
  • A space to work. That means some place in your home or good coworking space (at your expense) where the background behind your workspace appears professional and you have the ability to hold confidential conversations with clients without interruption by family, friends or similar distractions.
  • Daycare. If dependents - young, elderly or disabled - will be in the same residence during work time and they are unable to care for themselves (i.e. you would not comfortably leave them alone and unattended for 8+ hours at a time), another adult must be present and responsible for their care and supervision.
  • A fast and reliable internet connection. You need a minimum internet speed of 5M down / 2M up so you’re not frequently freezing or disconnecting during video conferences.
  • A daily work location within the United States (military spouses with a documented permanent US-based legal residence, please apply). Sorry protectorates, but our payroll service only serves the 50 states. This is a W-2 position; we are not able to convert to a 1099 relationship for applicants that do not meet this requirement.