2 months ago

Digital Marketing Strategist at Campaign Creators

70% 40 hours / week United States (Remote)
Paid dental insurance
Paid health insurance
Retirement or pension contribution program
Unlimited paid holidays

You’re a true original: a mix of a project manager, a campaign strategist, a marketer, and a creative problem-solver. If you were an emoji, you’d probably be 💪 or 🔥 or⚡️ or ✌️.

For every client project, you’ll have support from a team of like-minded, client-centric marketing technologists, creatives, and copywriters who will have your back every step of the way. No project is too large or too small: you love spending hours developing an email drip sequence strategy, but you’re also so down to get into the weeds of optimizing a client’s website URL structure or rewriting meta data and title tags to get that link juice flowing.

You truly believe that variety is the spice of life, and therefore you get super excited about the prospect of working with clients across industries. Jewelry, beauty, batteries, socks, insurance IT, recruitment…our clients span the gamut, and that’s what gets you amped! No day is ever the same for you, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Planning and developing winning marketing strategies around a variety of digital channels based on your Client’s unique business needs.
  • Supervision of implementation and production of all assets: from emails, to premium content and landing pages, you’ve got an eagle eye on it all.
  • Deliverance of analytical reports in relation to the clients established KPIs. “Bring me #ALLTHEDATA” is something we might overhear you saying.
  • Hyper-diligent project management and management of working hours relative to Client’s budget. Your spidey senses know when something is in scope or out of scope and you plan accordingly.
  • Communication and relationship management of multiple Clients regarding their strategic needs & requests. You are on the pulse of everything and know how to follow-up, whether it’s via email, a quick meeting, or a phone call.
  • You run a tight Client meetings, onsite & offsite. Putting together a solid meeting agenda is your bread and butter.
  • Delivery & presentation of information such as strategy, notes, monthly reports, and required deliverables to the Client.
  • Utilization of marketing automation platforms like HubSpot and other tools based on the client’s needs.
  • Maintain required company certifications and stay up to date with latest marketing technology and best practices.
  • Mentorship and coaching of the Marketing Technologist and Jr. Marketing Technologist.
  • Completion of strategic and non-strategic tasks as needed.

Experience and Qualification Requirements

  • 3-5 years account management experience or similar. Agency experience preferred.
  • Advanced experience in developing and implementing lead nurturing strategies using marketing automation. You have the portfolio of successes to prove it.
  • Autonomous and collaborative. You need little supervision and can lead the charge with marketing strategy, but you love collaborating and understand that 2 (or more!) heads are always better than one.
  • Advanced analytical skills.
  • High technical aptitude – ability to hop into any tool or technology and master it quickly.
  • Advanced knowledge in a variety of digital marketing channels.
  • Expert understanding & testing of marketing workflow planning, email marketing, and landing page development
  • Comfortable troubleshooting technology and editing html/css to deliver on email and landing page modifications. You don’t mind getting in the weeds when it means delivering results.
  • Project management experience. You’re extremely organized and capable of creating robust project plans that dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s.
  • Capable of mentoring and guiding a team with lead generation, lead nurturing, and technology best practices.
  • Able to establish SOPs for repetitive processes as well as custom documentation specific to each client.
  • Expert level HubSpot Platform knowledge.
  • Ability to advance Campaign Creators product set based on client demand.
  • Ability to QA and test all completed work at an advanced level and carry out tasks accurately. Rare, if any mistakes.