3 months ago
Flexible working hours

Who we are

Sketch is an award-winning platform that helps over one million designers, from freelancers to some of the world’s largest teams, design better products every day. Our Infrastructure team works every day to design, build, and maintain the platform needed to run our production services and support our colleagues to do better their job through internal tools.

What we are looking for

We are looking for someone that loves to automate processes and create tools that work. As described above, you will work, together with other colleagues, on different tasks. You are a pragmatist, and you always look for the best balance between quality, functionality, and development speed. You are able to catch-up fast with new technologies. You are not afraid to get your hands dirty and get deeper on unknown code or technologies. Sometimes you will work with something that is not perfectly documented. You will get deep on it, understand it, and document it. Because of that, you are a really organised person. You are really good documenting functionalities, processes, etc.. You never implement a code that will be used by other people without documenting it in detail. Obviously, you have experience creating backend and frontend applications as well as experience with Linux, scripting, automation tools, and cloud services. We are a 100% remote company, and your colleagues will be distributed around the globe. Being remote adds great flexibility to everyone’s life and helps us, as a company, to have a more diverse team. Our team works remotely and communicates mostly using text, so you will need to have excellent communication skills and written English, be self-motivated, and comfortable working in a remote position. But on top of that, you will spend much time helping other colleagues to solve problems they have. You are a good listener, and you know to ask the right questions to reach a conclusion and find a solution. You take every single person’s problem as yours and put your heart on solving it.

What you will do

  • As a full-stack developer in the Infrastructure team, your mission will be mainly to build and maintain internal tools needed by other teams to improve other colleagues’ lives.
  • You will work closely with other colleagues helping them with doubts and finding the best ways to solve different challenges they have.
  • Besides offering regular assistance to your colleagues when there are doubts or emergencies, you will work with an internal tools roadmap that will likely contain different types of tasks.
  • You may find yourself working on new functionalities for our customers’ management internal applications or with services related to licensing and payments.
  • You will also spend time documenting and automating metrics aggregations to meet our internal business analytics needs.
  • You will work with different backend languages like PHP or Python, SQL databases like MariaDB or PostgreSQL, and in the frontend, you’ll spend time working with JS (React mostly), HTML and CSS.
  • Your mission won’t be limited to writing applications or offering assistance to your colleagues. You will spend time also automating processes and using any additional tool you need like Jenkins, AWS services


  • You are passionate about the web, and problem-solving.
  • You are able to work as part of a close-knit team. Together with your colleagues, you will code, review Pull Requests, deploy, etc.
  • You believe in maintaining detailed documentation to make our work easier as part of a distributed team.
  • Your working day will mostly overlap with European/African timezones.

We would like to know as much about you as possible. Contact us and tell us about your experience and your motivations for this job and send us any link to something that represents you or your experience.

Even if you feel you are not 100% exactly the person described, we would still love to hear from you. We value anything that makes you different from the description.