6 months ago

Growth Engineer at Clearbit

85% 40 hours / week United States (Remote)
Paid dental insurance
Gym membership or wellness allowance
Flexible working hours
Paid health insurance
Retirement or pension contribution program
Employee training program
Unlimited paid holidays

We’re looking for a growth engineer to join our Conversion team. This is a role you can (and we hope you do) grow immensely in, all while making a big impact on the business. Once an idea or problem is identified, you get a lot of autonomy as to how you test and solve it.

About Clearbit

Here at Clearbit, we help our customers build unstoppable growth engines. Our products enable businesses to understand their customers, generate demand, act on intent, and increase conversions all the way down the funnel.

Today, Clearbit powers more than 1,500 enterprise customers and 500,000 individual marketers, engineers, and sales reps. It’s an exciting time to join Clearbit. We’re a rapidly growing SaaS company (> 100% ARR last year), full of can-do people who care about craft, collaboration, and our customers.

About the role

The Conversion team works across the funnel - on anything from churn to improving sales efficiency to landing page conversion to free tools. We work in one week sprints, where we identify experiments, research and run with them. We default to an MVP model – splitting ideas into the minimum to test (while still being on brand) before building out. 4 launches + feedback (iterations) over 4 weeks is much more appealing to us than a month of work before feedback. We are often wrong, and want to learn as quickly as possible.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

(1) Building and enhancing free useful tools for our target audience: We work on free tools to help with lead generation. For example, we have our Connect email finder tool and a “lite” version of our Salesforce integration, as a free Chrome extension.

(2) Improving the experience of new users: This includes optimizing onboarding for new users (both in and out of product) and making our free trial experience better. We’ve recently launched a new product, X, so there is a lot of potential here.

Example: When a new user signs up, we show them integration and use-case paths we think are the best fit for them based on their tech stack and job function/role.

(3) Finding and acting on opportunities for improving conversion. You will work across our web properties (clearbit.com, our blog, free tools) running experiments and A/B tests to test hypotheses for increasing conversion.

Example: We recently overhauled our main demo request form with many features - dynamic enrichment to minimise the amount of form fields needing filling by prospects, auto-completing their email address, or hiding the form and showing a CTA to schedule time with their CSM if they’re a customer. Try it out on our homepage 😉

(4) Helping other teams be more efficient. One of the great things about this role is you are not siloed. If there are areas of opportunity to help the CS team, we’ll do it.

Example: We built a Prospect Research tool for our customer facing teams. It pulls information together on a prospect from a multitude of sources (including Clearbit 🙂) saving sales reps 10 minutes of research prior to each call.

(5) Implementing personalization and product demos in our work: This includes anything from implementing personalization on our website and within our emails to detailed product and use-case demo pages for the sales team.

Example: We use hyper personalization on our Reveal page, including pulling in a screenshot of the visitor’s homepage and showing them how it could look if they used personalization.

What will you bring to the table?

  • Full stack development experience. You are comfortable (1) spinning up a new landing page to (2) consuming APIs to automate repetitive tasks to (3) building out a new mini-product or Chrome extension. You have examples of apps and tools (web or mobile) you have worked on end-to-end. We are always on hand to help, but are looking for someone with enough experience that they won’t need to be hand-held.
  • Enjoy solving problems. You seek solutions given a problem. You look for opportunities where others say it isn’t possible.
  • MVP and testing mindset. You can move fast and focus on the minimum that needs to be tested, while meeting our code and design standards. You understand that many experiments may fail to meet their goal and that’s ok if we learn and iterate.
  • Data minded. Comfortable working with data and understanding insights.
  • User and UX focused. You keep the user in mind when running experiments. You understand that benefiting our users will benefit the company.
  • Humble and enjoys self-learning. You value learning as a path to growth and want to join a thoughtful, supportive team with no egos, who want to learn and accomplish great things together. From a technical point of view, you have the ability to develop in multiple languages with the capacity to pick up new ones as required.
  • Great communicator. We work across many different teams and departments in Clearbit and are a predominantly remote team. Therefore great communication is critical, both in terms of keeping stakeholders well-informed and documenting thoroughly for when we aren’t online.
  • Team player. Yes you take initiative, but you are not an island and understand more heads are better than one.

Bonus points

  • Marketing (especially B2B marketing) experience.
  • Experience with our products and APIs.
  • Experience in React, Ruby and / or SQL.
  • Experience working in a development team environment (version control, going through a review process, writing tests, etc).
  • Experience working in a remote environment.

You’ll work closely with:

  • Brian Hemeryck, Head of Conversion
  • Ethan Hackett, Senior Conversion Designer
  • The rest of our growth team, which works across 5 realms — conversion (that’s us!), analytics, demand, product marketing, and content.