2 months ago

Junior Software Engineer at Clerky

74% 40 hours / week Worldwide (Remote)
Paid dental insurance
Flexible working hours
Paid health insurance
Employee training program

Help fix the legal industry!

The way legal transactions are done is filled with inefficiencies, which leads to ridiculously high legal fees. We’re fixing this by building software that automates and streamlines the process.

We’re profitable and growing sustainably. We’re the most popular way for high-growth technology startups to incorporate. Y Combinator and other top accelerators use our software to handle their investment paperwork. Our product is used by tons of top tier startups and investors.

We’re a quiet leader in the legal technology space - if you are interested in changing the legal industry, this is arguably the best place to be.

Notes on our stack and process:

  • Our backend is mostly in Ruby on Rails, with very small amounts of Scala and Go as well.
  • Our front-end is mostly in Ember.
  • We use CI extensively for linting, tests, visual diffs, and deployment.
  • We’re not religious about any particular technology - we believe in using the right tool for a given problem.

This is a great fit if you want to work:

  • … at a product-driven company bringing an old-fashioned industry into the future
  • … on a complex product, with a ton of engineering challenges
  • … on a well-loved product with a lot of usage and visibility in the startup community
  • … in a company that strongly values good software development practices
  • … at a financially sound company
  • … with bright people who are extremely passionate about their work
  • … where you’ll be a key early software engineer

As a junior software engineer at Clerky, you will:

  • Maintain and add features to our Middleman and Gitbook sites
  • Maintain our builds and continuous integration setups
  • Investigate bugs and sporadic test failures
  • Implement features and fix bugs in our main application
  • Work with top-notch senior engineers (all of us have 10+ years experience)

Firm requirements:

  • Strong ability to learn on your own. You will receive some mentorship and guidance from our senior software engineers, but you should expect to learn mostly on your own.
  • Discipline and patience to write clean code and use best practices. We are unlike most startups and write code to last - we do not rapidly iterate on prototypes.

This position is 100% remote. We are happy to support an H-1B visa application after 2 years of employment.