29 days ago

Platform Engineer at Mixmax

74% 40 hours / week Europe (Remote)
Gym membership or wellness allowance
Home office allowance
Paid parental leave
Retirement or pension contribution program
Unlimited paid holidays

Exciting news - Mixmax hit $10 million in annual revenue and we’re profitable! We just raised more money and are looking to invest more to accelerate growth. We’re looking for great people to help us ship high-quality automation features to meet the needs of bigger customers.

For this role, we want to hire a quality-focused engineer to join our globally distributed team who can help us build a robust infrastructure to support our product and our team years into the future. You’ll be responsible for improving and strengthening the foundation of our system, improving our team’s developer experience, addressing our organizational security needs, and participating in collaborative decision-making about our architecture.

Within the first month, you’ll:

  • Work with Terraform, Node, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, and AWS.
  • Become familiar with our infosec, data management, and monitoring systems and processes.
  • Make impactful improvements to our production infrastructure.

Within three months, you’ll:

  • Contribute to the development of critical projects, working closely with other engineers.
  • Work with your team to improve our architectural patterns, scalability, and developer experience.
  • Take ownership of several key processes and responsibility areas important to our platform and team’s goals.

Preferred skills and background:

  • We’re looking for engineers who have experience with the core of our tech stack: ES6 Javascript and/or Typescript, Node.js, AWS, and MongoDB.
  • Mixmax is still growing fast, so we love new teammates who strive to grow personally and professionally, beyond just expanding their technical abilities.
  • We take pride in the quality of our work, so we’re looking for engineers with experience maintaining and supporting the systems they’ve built.
  • We’re a distributed team working in multiple time zones, so excellent documentation and communication skills are paramount!
  • We recognize that it’s important to be able to collaborate synchronously with teammates sometimes. To join important meetings and pair program with teammates, we ask that you have the flexibility to work from 9 AM - 11 AM Pacific Time on some days as needed

It’s also awesome (and 100% not a requirement!) for you to:

  • Have worked in a distributed codebase with microservices and shared modules.
  • Be familiar with secondary tools in our tech stack, like Elasticsearch or Redis.
  • Have worked on a Google Chrome extension or Salesforce integration.
  • Be able to refer other great engineers to work at Mixmax! 😉