14 days ago

Product/UX Designer at Clearbit

74% 40 hours / week Worldwide (Remote)
Paid dental insurance
Gym membership or wellness allowance
Paid health insurance
Paid parental leave
Retirement or pension contribution program

We are hiring an experienced Product/UX Designer as we build our Design team. In this role, you’ll work closely with our Head of Design, our CPO, our product development teams, and customers.

You will help define, shape, and build the Clearbit platform for modern Marketing and Growth teams, everywhere. You will craft interfaces that are usable, powerful, approachable. You will work to make challenging concepts feel simple and delightful. You will define UI patterns and components and contribute directly to our internal design system. You will be a designer working on impact initiatives, with a high level of autonomy to do the work you do best.

Why Clearbit?

At Clearbit, our mission is to push the boundary of what’s possible in marketing and sales. We build data-driven products that enable businesses to generate demand, act on intent, drive conversion, and retain and expand their customers. Today, Clearbit powers more than 1,500 B2B companies including Asana, Segment, and Atlassian.

This belief in meaningful growth extends to our employees. We invest in personal and team growth, valuing constructive feedback, and emotional intelligence. We aim to maintain a working environment of psychological safety, where vulnerability is not a weakness, so it’s easier to take creative risks, re-define what’s possible, and grow into the best version of yourself. Your teammates will push you (kindly) to grow and ask for the same in return.

What we’re looking for

  • Experienced individual contributors. We’re currently looking for candidates with 5 or more years of experience designing and shipping products and interfaces.
  • Attention to design details & aesthetics. We’re looking for designers who can recognize, articulate, and elevate visual design in products, interfaces and interactions.
  • Experience in design systems. We are looking for designers who look at products holistically; who design interfaces and define new patterns and components; who incorporate existing patterns; who can understand when they should extend or adapt a pattern; who can work in a design system and contribute back to it.
  • Clear and effective written and verbal communication. We are looking for designers who are able to represent their designs to teams across Clearbit; to other designers, engineers, and product managers; to leadership; to customers. Clearbit is a distributed team and we rely on effective communication, both synchronously and asynchronously. Being able to write design proposals that communicate design decisions and seek a path forward on a project, and being able to present your work to teams across Clearbit, is a key part of our process.
  • Experience with design engineering, and a technical background. We often work with the engineers on our product development teams to build out designs and field questions. Being confident writing HTML and CSS, and familiarity with Javascript and JS frameworks (our frontend is built on React) is part of that design + design engineering collaboration. Beyond creating a platform for Marketing and Growth teams everywhere, Clearbit is built on top of a technical foundation, and understanding APIs, data, workflows, and automation is helpful.
  • A focus on outcome over ego. We are looking for designers who default towards sharing early and often; who are open to exploring alternative approaches to a problem; who consider merits and limitations; who use their experience to find the best outcome in a given situation; who have the ability to make decisions and ensure forward progress.
  • Recognition of strengths & weaknesses. It is important to recognize areas in which we excel, areas in which we want to grow, and areas in which we look for support. As a more senior designer, it is expected that the designer we are seeking has this self-awareness. You’ll be a partner in shaping what we need as a team as we grow.

What you’ll do

  • Design usable, approachable, and delightful interfaces.
  • Evolve our visual design language to define and deliver a high standard.
  • Work directly with product development teams, and partner with frontend engineering as designs are developed, ensuring we’re building interfaces and experiences that meet our standard for design.
  • Work directly with Product Managers to seek out design opportunities in the marketing and workflow automation space.
  • Create design proposals, present your work, and drive designs towards a complete solution.
  • Participate on customer calls when there are opportunities to engage directly and learn about their needs.
  • Be a core contributor on (and advocate for) ClearKit, our internal design system.
  • Foster a design culture throughout the company, and provide a voice for design and usability as a priority within the development of products.
  • Partner with colleagues to provide regular, constructive design feedback.

What will set you up for success

  • You have 5 or more years of experience as an individual contributor in design.
  • You have 2 or more years of experience as a design lead on product design initiatives.
  • You’re a master of your craft, know the tools and how to use them, and care deeply about quality. You have thoughts on what qualities make a design good, and you’re keen on listening and understanding what makes people tick; for you it’s about becoming a better designer, rather than being right. You like to push the boundaries of what you know and learn something new.
  • You write HTML & CSS, and have a practical knowledge of Javascript and Javascript frameworks (e.g. React). Version control systems like git (and GitHub) are not scary, even if you don’t know everything about them.
  • You possess a high degree of autonomy. You know how to make decisions and how to get answers to the questions you need to make them.
  • You’re a story-teller. You’re keen to represent your work, and can present the narrative to teams across an organization, and to leadership.
  • Teamwork and team mean something to you. While we’re not a family, we do want to ensure that collaboration, support, and growth are part of our design culture and your career.

Please include a link to your portfolio when applying.