4 months ago
Flexible working hours

Cladwell is looking for a senior iOS developer to lead and iterate on our iOS app. Download it now - there’s a free trial - then come back. Our iOS app is our flagship product and we lead our new product development on the iOS platform. We are rewriting and redesigning the app now, it’s underway, and we are looking to find someone who can join the team and lead the development through launch and post-launch development. This role works on a team with a Swift UI Designer, a Senior Backend API developer (in Django), and the CEO and COO of the company as the product managers.

This role is a part-time (up to 20 hours a week) for multiple months, with a potential to become a full time position.

We’re excited about you because:

  • You love how technology can change people’s lives for the better
  • You like working with and building iOS applications
  • You care about how the clothing industry affects the lives of people, and want to be apart of a better future.
  • You have strong skills and experiences with Swift, Swift UI, REST APIs, and Github
  • You understand and like working with a team
  • You are self-motivated and an optimist at heart

Why you’ll love working at Cladwell…

  • We’re a very small, lean team on which you can have a very large impact.
  • We’re fully remote - you have the freedom to work from wherever you please.
  • You’ll make a meaningful difference in both the shaping of a business and the way people interact with their clothes.

About Cladwell: Cladwell is the world’s largest personal styling app created to help you build a closet you love and make it easier to get dressed each morning. Cladwell is powered by algorithms that help you get dressed each day and how to clear out the clutter. We’re excited to meet you and hope you’ll join us on our mission! You can read more on cladwell.com/about.


  • 5+ Years building, launching and maintaining iOS apps
  • 5+ Years working with REST APIs as a backend for iOS applications.
  • Experience working with a team and managing your codebase on Github
  • Experience (and excitement) to work with Swift UI and make a world class application
  • Part time contract position
  • This is a remote position

Bonus Points

  • Experience launching apps with SwiftUI
  • Designing high end world class user experiences