14 days ago

Senior Product Manager at maze.design

67% 40 hours / week Worldwide (Remote)
Flexible working hours
Employee training program

Maze is a user testing and usability research platform that turns prototypes into actionable insights from real users, bringing confidence to the design process.

We’re official partners with the world’s best design companies: InVision, Figma, Sketch, Marvel, and Adobe! More than 20,000 designers and product managers from companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, and IBM are using Maze to power up their user testing process. We believe that products should be tested at the design phase, and we empower product teams with data to remove all guesswork from building digital products. We’re a fully remote company working from all over the world, backed by some of the world’s top VCs. We love traveling, telling great jokes (read: puns with the word “maze” in it), and terrible drawings. Come join us!

The job

You will work on all aspects of our current platform, which includes:

  • Our user research platform, with all the challenges associated with complex data-visualization and our analytics dashboard.
  • Our tester’s hiring platform, where you’ll work on building a complete marketplace from scratch.
  • Prototyping tool integrations. You’ll be able to work directly with the teams of the best design companies in the world: Figma, InVision, Marvel, Sketch, Adobe, and more.
  • Our automated reporting platform, where you’ll work on a comprehensive report that product teams use to collaborate.

As part of the Maze team, here’s what you’ll do:

  • Be the bridge between tech and business. Translate our product roadmap and business objectives into comprehensives design, research, and development units.
  • Work closely with our designers and engineers to design, build, and ship new features from scratch
  • Translate and aggregate customer feedback into a structured product roadmap, backlog and plans to internally communicate the value of delivering a new service or feature to our users
  • Removing obstacles to the team by being proactive and making sure the team functions effectively
  • Defining metrics to track and optimize the overall user experience
  • Making sure the product team delivers the highest quality products on time


  • You have a good technical understanding so that you can help your team prioritize technological investments, tech debt reduction, bugs, and new features
  • You eat analytics for breakfast (e.g., Google Analytics, Amplitude), enabling the team to measure its progress across all platforms. You have experience running complex A/B tests to improve the conversion funnel.
  • You have a track record of moving KPIs significantly. You can measure your impact and get down to the reasons things move.
  • You have a strong sense of UX and a strict attention to UI details. Design skills are a bonus.
  • You have a track record of delivering excellent user experiences that delight users
  • You are perfectly fluent in English
  • You enjoy working remotely

Bonus points:

  • Strong technical skills
  • Strong UX and design skills
  • A good dose of ambition, as well as a great sense of humor

How to Apply

We receive a lot of applications so try to submit something that will grab our attention! It’s important for us to see your understanding of our product so make sure that: 1) you’ve done some research on Maze and signed up to try the product; 2) you include a well-structured and concise message with your application explaining why you find Maze interesting and why you’d be a good fit. Show off a little :).